Webinar Wednesdays: Constructing LEED & Integrative Process Series (6.0 GBCI hrs)

  • Wednesday, March 20, 2013
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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  • one-person viewing access
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Are you a GC struggling with design decisions you weren’t part of? Are you a designer, looking for partnerships to identify constructability and cost issues in the preconstruction phase and maximize your relationship with contractors? Then you should participate in this webinar series! This series includes four different webinars discussing construction and integrative process from the best of USGBC's national webinars. (See below for dates and topics.)

Earn 6.0 hours toward your LEED AP, Green Associate or AIA credentials with this webinar series...and do it from the comfort of your desk! Login from your computer each Wednesday, March 20 to April 10, from 12:00PM - 1:30PM and sit back, watch and learn.  Whether you are traveling, at work or home this is the perfect way to continue your green building education.

Registration includes all 4 sessions (though you may purchase individual sessions) and login information comes to you via e-mail 2-days before the session (late registrants will receive no later than hour prior.)

Session 1 - March 20
LEED 261: Constructing LEED - Build an Integrated Design and Construction Team

When General Contractors inform early design decisions, benefits can multiply. According to a Davis Langdon study, an upfront investment of 2% in green building design, on average, results in life cycle savings of 20% of the total construction costs – more than ten times the initial investment. Whether you are the General Contractor or a member of the design team you should join this session to better understand both sides and how an engaged integrated team can incorporate the GC into the design project and bring cost savings to the project and lead to a smoother  LEED project. This session highlights the roles, responsibilities and opportunities of successful general contractors managing LEED construction projects.
Presenters: Sam Pobst, Michelle Halle Stern, Jennifer Eaton

Session 1 is registered for 1.5 hours of General (Not LEED Specific) GBCI hours and 1.5 AIA/CES LU/HSW/SD hours.

Session 2 - March 27
LEED 261: Constructing LEED - Sustainable Construction Management

Have you missed a LEED point because the documentation was incomplete or because an individual on the jobsite made an uninformed substitution? The information gathered by a general contractor – often supplied from subcontractors - can make or break a LEED project. This session highlights for both the GC’s and the Design Team, the knowledge needed and strategies to be successful with LEED construction credits and documentation. Experts share case examples, trials and tribulations from the field for LEED projects.
Presenters: Sam Pobst, Michelle Halle Stern, Jennifer Eaton

Session 2 is registered for 1.5 hours of General (Not LEED Specific) GBCI hours and 1.5 AIA/CES LU/HSW/SD hours.

Session 3 - April 3

PRACT 250: Integrative Process - Closing the Gaps Between Design, Construction, Operations & Maintenance
Fundamental decisions made by building design and construction teams have long-term impacts on building performance measures controlled by building operations teams. The disconnect between these two teams during the two distinct phases of a building’s lifecycle can be avoided through integration of O+M teams in the BD+C process. Early engagement of O+M team members secures buy-in on decisions. An opportunity is presented for better design and construction informed by those who are ‘stuck with’ these decisions later in the daily building operations. This transforms O+M staff into green advocates, rather than adversaries and can present unique holistic strategy and even budgetary solutions for greener buildings. Design and construction teams also have the opportunity to learn how their decisions have long-term impacts, thus applying that knowledge to future building projects. Addresses the multiple levels of education needed for various stakeholders in order to inform the BD+C process through a deeper understanding of LEED EB: O+M and increase the gap between the two phases of a building’s life cycle.

Presenters: Pepper Smith, Kathleen Smith, Rob Hink, Heather Marquard

Session 3 is registered for 1.5 hours of General (Not LEED Specific) GBCI hours and 1.5 AIA/CES LU/HSW/SD hours.

Session 4 - April 10
PRACT 250: Integrative Process - Charrettes & Team Workshops
Green building costs are overestimated by 300%*. This fundamental mistake happens when green is seen as an add-on, rather than integral to a project’s success. An integrative approach to buildings illuminates opportunities and synergies that not only enhance performance, but can have positive impacts on time and budget. During this webinar, we bridge the gap between design, construction, operations and maintenance with the goal of designing buildings for operational success throughout its lifetime. Numerous projects have realized financial and performance gains when they implement a dynamic team-oriented process. When people with different perspectives put their heads together to solve a problem, amazing outcomes result. We will explore the power of collaborative problem solving through kick-off charrettes and focused, ongoing workshops – two powerful tools you can use to facilitate the integrative process throughout projects.
Presenters: Pepper Smith, Adele Houghton, Vessela Valtcheva-McGee, Marcus Sheffer

Session 4 is registered for 1.5 hours of General (Not LEED Specific) GBCI hours and 1.5 AIA/CES LU/HSW/SD hours.

Registration Types:
$70 Chapter Members (one person viewing, all four webinars)
$120 Non-Members (one person viewing, all four webinars)
$20 Chapter Members (one person viewing, one session)
$35 Non-Members (one person viewing, one session)

$500 Group Viewing for Office (up to 10 people can view, all four viewings)

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