(On-Demand) Building Decarb Before and After: How to plan and understand performance

  • Saturday, December 31, 2022
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90-minute webinar available on-demand until 12/31/2022

(Originally recorded live on 5/4/2020)

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Illinois Green Alliance hosted Building Decarb Before and After: How to plan and understand performance. This presentation covered the planning, implementation, data collection, and data analysis around net zero projects.

There are many paths to net zero, so how do we choose the right one?  Questions such as “how far do we reduce our EUI before trying to offset the remaining energy?”, or “how important are passive strategies compared to active strategies?”, are questions clients are asking more and more as our industry’s push towards net zero continues to gain momentum. 

Below shows a very general net zero framework that can be applied to all projects. During this presentation we showed how techniques such as parametric analysis and dynamic life cycle cost analysis can be leveraged to answer these types of questions. We looked at the implementation of this general framework and accompanying analysis tools in the context of an existing campus already well on their journey from inefficient by industry standards, to net zero.


A common theme throughout the presentation focused on using interactive and dynamic visualizations. These sorts of data visualizations help facilitate multi-dimensional communication between engineers and stakeholders on design intent, problem solving, and optimization. 

As clients are asked to make investments with net zero, clients will also ask for proof that the value propositions are realistic and achievable. When one claims you can save them money by creating an energy-efficient building, clients will say “prove it.” Hear how our panelists have been able to do just that with their projects!


  • Saagar Patel, Environmental Systems Design, Inc. 
  • Steve Dowd, Affiliated Engineers, Inc. 
  • Zhongdi Chen, Wight & Company
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